Building can be a very stressful affair, especially when you are not familiar the building process.  To make it easier for you, we have summarised the roles and responsibilities of the different parties involved in the building and approvals process.

  1. Our Role
  2. Your Role
  3. Builders Role (including Owner-Builder)

Our Role

Complete Certification is a Principal Certifying Authority who is Accredited to:

  • Issue Complying Development “Fast Track” Approvals
  • Issue Construction Certificates (once your DA has been issued by Council)
  • Issue Occupation Certificates

As the PCA, we must be appointed by the ‘person having the benefit of the development consent’ – this means you as the owner and not your builder.

Our job as the PCA is to work with you through the construction process and issue you with an Occupation Certificate (OC) when the work is completed. To make this decision, we inspect the development at “critical stages” during the build and ultimately ensure that the building is safe and fit to occupy and in accordance with the development consent and Construction Certificate.

In summary, our role during construction is to ensure your project is:

  • Being constructed in accordance with the Approved Plans.
  • Ensure the Building will satisfy the provisions set out in the National Construction Code and Relevant Australian Standards.

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Your Role

As an owner, your role is to work with the PCA and the builder, keeping an eye on work (and the terms of your development consent), managing the site and organising inspections. You have a role in ensuring that your team follows the procedures required for organising inspections – missing an inspection can lead to delays or even prevent an Occupation Certificate from being issued.

“Critical Stage” Inspections that are generally required include:

  • Commencement
  • Footings/Slab
  • Frame
  • Waterproofing
  • Additional Inspections (If Required)
  • Final

You should also keep your neighbours informed and report and complaints to the builder and PCA throughout the process.

Builders Role

Your builder is responsible for the construction of your development to Australian Standards. They are to follow the approved plans and development conditions to ensure all requirements and relevant conditions are met during construction.

Likewise, your builder is responsible for notifying the PCA, at least 48 hours in advance, of when the building work has reached or will reach the appropriate stage for required critical stage inspections to take place. The responsibility for organising these inspections falls on the builder to ensure that they take place at the right time and prior works commencing onto the next stages. As without these inspections, an Occupation Certificate cannot be issued.

For occupation, your builder is to organise Compliance Certificates for all building works undertaken and works performed by other trades, for example the electrician. Without these certificates the PCA will be unable to issue your Occupation Certificate.

Similarly, if you’re an owner-builder all of the responsibilities of the builder fall upon you.